Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical Products
We work diligently under the highest standards and with excellence to assure consumers that anything they taste, use, or apply to their skin meets relevant safety standards.

In recent years, consumers have grown increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of food and pharmaceutical products. The Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products Testing division of STC continues to operate with a focus on diligence and excellence to assure consumers that anything they taste, ingest, or apply to their skin is safe. Demand for our service continues to grow with the introduction of regulations such as the implementation of Mandatory Registration Scheme of Proprietary Chinese Medicine, the Mandatory Nutrition Labelling Scheme, and incidents of hazardous substances found in food sold in the market. To meet this rising demand, STC has invested in our R&D team and in the state-of-the-art testing equipment to upgrade the facilities. We have also expanded our testing capabilities and obtained the necessary accreditations from bodies such as HKAS, CMA in China for specific test items as listed on the respective scope of accreditation and LUCIDEON for ceramic tableware.


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Chemical, Food & Pharmaceutical Products Testing

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